What is Auction2Africa.com?

Auction2Africa.com, popularly known as A2A, is an CAC-registered ecommerce company with special focus on cross-border ecommerce. For more than a decade, we have served numerous African eshoppers making purchases or payments for overseas goods and services. Our CEO’s business idea was selected among the best 1000 ideas in 2016 from tens of thousands of other submitted business ideas in The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. So we are an alumni, $5000 award beneficiary and successful entrepreneur of the foundation. Part of our submitted business plan ideas is what is being implemented here to serve your needs by adding value. More are coming.

How do I find U.S products on Auction2Africa.com?

Our platform is simple and easy to use. Simply click on your desired category from the top menu navigation bars or on the right navigation menu e.g click the Computers category if you want computers.

You can also click on more categories from the right side categories buttons. E.g if you want video games, you click “Video Games”.

What if my desired category is not listed in the navigation menus?

That’s okay. Just type in your desired product keyword in the search bar on Auction2Africa.com and you will see endless options of the product you want. E.g type if you want tablets made by HP simply type “hp tablets” in the search bar and hit the search button to your right.

Did you just say endless? How many products can I actually stream on Auction2Africa?

Yes, you have unlimited options to choose from as long as you keep scrolling down, until you find what you want. There are over 350 million products on Amazon as of August 2020 according to RepricerExpress. Some other data sources put the figure at 600 million products but let’s stick with the 350 million for now.

Once I find my desired product, how do I buy?

If you want to complete the purchase yourself (here we are assuming you already know how to complete online purchases without help):

You click on it and it takes you to Amazon website and you make payment for the purchase, ensuring the product link showing the address bar ends with A2A’s associate tag which is: a2a0d-20 before you buy.

Example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Z9Z33QD?tag=a2a0d-20

What if I arrived on Amazon and saw a related product and eventually settle for the new other product instead of the one with your tag. How do I add your tag before buying?

It’s easy. Every item on Amazon has an ASIN number. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is 10-character alpha-numeric identifier unique to each product. 99.9% of times, this usually starts with letter “B” but some old version ASIN for books start with ASIN -10 or something like that.

Simply copy the product’s ASIN number from Amazon first, then paste it in the search space bar on Auction2Africa.com. 

The item alone will pop up in your search results. Click on it to now complete your purchase on Amazon with our associate tag  a2a0d-20 now showing at the end of the product link. 

In any case, don’t forget this: Always check to ensure our Associate Tag a2a0d-20 reflects in the link on Amazon before you complete payment. That way we can easily take up your case with Amazon or UPS should there be need for it. It also ensures we are properly rewarded for our efforts in bringing the offers to you. In your best interest, don’t ignore this advice.

The item does not ship to Nigeria/Africa. What do I do?

That’s no longer a problem for you, because that’s why we exist. Simply copy the product ASIN and send it via email to support@auction2africa.com

Use the subject line: Non-U.S Shipping

The content of your email message should contain:

  • The product ASIN
  • Your shipping address in Nigeria/Africa
  • Telephone Number  

What happens after I send the email?

We will check with our U.S partner shipping carrier, the best price to courier the item to your door or to our nearest pickup location to you. We will send you an invoice to make payment for the item cost as shown on Amazon, cost of shipping to our warehouse in the U.S if any as well as the cost of shipping we were able to negotiate for you with our partner shipping carriers.

If okay with you and you make payment, we carry out your purchase within 24 hours of confirming your payment and send you your tracking number as we get it from Amazon and/or our partner shipping carrier.

Who is your partner shipping carrier?

One of the unannounced milestones we achieved last year is a carrier agreement signed with United Parcel Service, UPS of Ohio, U.S.A. So UPS is our courier carrier.

If you need help with the entire purchase whether the item ships to Nigeria/Africa or not:

Simply copy the product ASIN and send it via email to support@auction2africa.com

Use the subject line: Help me buy 
The content of your email message should contain:

  • The product ASIN
  • Your delivery address in Nigeria/Africa
  • Telephone Number

How do you manage returns?

We strive to ensure you get the item you paid for. To minimize returns to the barest minimum, we go as far as snapping your item and emailing the picture to you before shipping out of the U.S. This enables you to see in pictures the exact item sent to you by the seller, before it leaves the U.S.

This service attracts a small fee and is optional. It is also only applicable to you if your item does not ship to Nigeria/Africa, in which case it is first sent to us in the U.S. Outside this, the return and refund policies of Amazon is what applies to you. 

What value does Auction2Africa add to my shopping needs or experience?

We bring Amazon closer to you via closer customer service like the ability to visit, call or email us locally. We offer you the ability to stream unlimited alternatives of your desired product before you make a choice. We take over your shopping process where it becomes overwhelming or tedious for you. We also work towards securing best courier shipping costs to you via key partnerships with trusted global brands in logistics. This minimizes your shipment waiting times. We know how valuable speed is with your purchase.We are not reinventing another Amazon. We just make your shopping experience easier, and get paid for it decently. 

Do you markup the Amazon item cost price?

No we don’t. If an item is $100 on Amazon, you pay $100 for the item and then you also pay applicable shipping fees.

Can I just buy through A2A by myself and ship to my U.S address?

Sure you can. Just remember to check and see our associate tag  a2a0d-20 at the end of the product link before checking out on Amazon

Can you help carry out the purchase even if I am shipping the item to my own specified U.S address?

Yes, sure we can. Just email us the ASIN and key details as earlier described.

Do you charge a fee to help complete a purchase?

Yes we do.

Why do you charge?

This is to cover all costs associated with carrying out your purchase e.g Forex costs, bank charges etc. We also have a U.S team and facility that make things work for your good. These involves operating expenses we have to cover. But hey, our charges are very affordable and minimal. In most cases, you will find it a good deal when you consider the cost of item, the stress we take off you and the time and effort we put in to ensure it’s an error-free purchase for you.

Is shipping via courier not too expensive?

It depends on what you consider expensive. Some people value product handling, safety and speed more than anything while others can wait for months and not care if their item easily get lost or damaged in transit. We are also negotiating best discounted prices with our shipping carriers on your behalf at any given time.

Who are the sellers on Amazon?

Amazon as a company sells products on Amazon but they also allow other individuals, brands or companies to sell there as well. Amazon handles the shipping of products they sell themselves as well as the shipping of products sold by other sellers. So you may come across product listing by Amazon that quotes what it costs to ship to Nigeria/Africa. This is because they take care of the shipping of such products, whether it is their product or other sellers’ product.

I have products I want to sell on Amazon. How do I go about it?

You have come to the right place. Please fill the short form on this link and await further instructions and update from us. Here is the link to the form:

Tel: 234-701-200-9586

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